We will travel to downtown Louisville or downtown Madison to shoot an urban experience.  You can schedule this experience yourself or invite a friend to join you. Images are bold, full of character, texture, and style.  For this experience we prefer an eclectic mixture of hats, jackets, dresses, jeans with holes, ties, scarfs, etc.

2 hours, 4 outfits $300


Bring your favorite outfits that describe you. This is a good experience for your car, friends, sports equipment, and pets.

2 hours, 6 outfits $175


We will do whatever fits in an hour.

1 hour, 3-4 outfits $125

For Guys Only

37 minutes, 1-2 outfits $75



anything goes, bring a variety of colors, sweaters, tees & hoodies, dresses from prom, homecoming, spring & party dresses, bring heels, jewelry, dark jeans, worn out jeans, bring anything you love to wear.

something classy when you look at your portraits 20 years from now. cover shoulders and arms for one outfit.

something casual what you wear everyday. something different fun whatever you want.

identity clothes sports, music, arts, etc. things dance stuff, a microphone, guitar.

hair we suggest no new styles. use a de-frizz product to tame stray hairs and fly-a-aways. hair should be done before coming to the studio. quick easy hairstyle changes are ok.

nails your hands will be in your portraits. have your nails done.

tops feel free to add sweaters or jackets. we suggest covering arms in one or more outfits.

tanning a little color is great but don’t over do it…we can’t remove red faces and bad tan lines.

glasses remove lenses from glasses.


things a microphone, guitar, sports equipment.

hair don’t try a new style right before your session. get your hair trimmed at least one week before pictures to avoide a white tan line. be sure to trim your neck hair if it’s grown out, bring a hat to mix it up.

facial hairremove unwanted brow or facial hair if yo don’t want it to show, this includes a 5 o’clock shadow.

outfits bring bright colors and a variety, one shirt that matches your eye color is nice, preferably with sleeves for closeups. layers are great and jackets. hoodies and hats can easily be switched for different looks. don’t over do brand logos. something timeless, something funky, something trendy, something you would wear to school on a normal day, identity clothes.

glasses remove lenses from glasses.

tanning a little color is great but don’t over do it…we can’t remove red faces and bad tan lines.